The road Cerler-Anciles-Benasque



  • From the parking of the ski resort of Cerler Aramon take the path (marked in yellow and white-PR) extending between the lush forest Es Felegás. This trail offers a spectacular view of Benasque and the Valley. This path reaches a track which will lead directly to the municipality of Benasque. 


  • We start from Benasque by taking the road in front of the gas station and go to the municipality of Anciles; We will discover the village and mansions with beautiful shields, portals and patios.    


  • From Anciles until Cerler. First ascent the paved road until the cemetery. Once exceeded continue ascending more steeply following the yellow and white signage (PR) and runs between a wet and beautiful forest of oak, ash, birch and hazel. After crossing several ravines, you reach the parking of the ski Cerler, Aramon Group.  

Images and text: The Tourist Association of the Benasque Valley