Cerler is the highest village in the Aragonese Pyrenees, at 1540 m. altitude, an ensemble with over ten centuries of history: its spacious houses, arcaded courtyards, and narrow streets have been carefully restored and preserved. Its strategic location allows us to contemplate the majesty of the valley. At the heart of Cerler is the “Casa Cornell”, a former Manor house that already in the thirteenth century appears linked with the name of Cornel to James I the Conqueror ( Jaime I el conquistador).

Cornel was the tutor of the King James. Her son Louis was buried in newly conquered Valencia. His grandchildren are Alfajarín lords and other villages in Aragon.  Pedro Cornel, Bishop of Tarazona in the fifteenth century, asks to be buried on the site of their ancestors, Cornel Cerler home. Juan Manuel Cornel, bishop of Barbastro in the eighteenth century, returns to the land of his ancestors and built a chapel for meditation.

The branch of Cornel, goes through the centuries, extends and branches. Antonio Cornel is a minister in the eighteenth century, others are military or priests. Later the Cornels proves there nobility and purity of blood to enter later in Sigena, as an abbess of the monastery. Those staying in the house follow the rhythm of life according to time and it is they who maintain it.

Scarcity, prosperity, tradition, war, all thoughts and desires are reflected in a family tree: the Cornel House.