The classical excursion Benasque Valley

  • Duration (One way): 50-60 min.
  • Ascent: From 1.725.a 2,000 m.
  • Difficulty: Easy

Take the direction of Besurta, in the end of the valley, in the heart of the Natural Parque    Posets- Maladeta.

Once there, the trail begins at the end of parking of Besurta, there we take the path marked out in dark green and light green. On the right you’ll see part of Maladeta Glacier. Within a few minutes we reach a diversion, our path is to the left with green markings, as in the beginning (while yellow and white show the direction up to the shelter of the Renclusa). We will go up by a large grassy hill until the Pllan of Aiguallut and we find the Forau d'Aiguallut, a great chasm where the filtered water reappears in the Vall d'Aran.  102

We pass by el Forrau and by the left we see a majestic waterfall in the background. When arrived to a vast field, you may contemplate the Aiguallut Tuca (sharp peak) and right, the majestic Aneto (3,404 m), the highest peak of the Pyrenees.

Images and Texts: The  Tourist Association of the  Benasque valley