When leaving the village of Cerler take the direction of the hermitage of San Pedro Martir, PR (path marked in yellow / white), once passed the chapel (30 ‘) follow the PR. When reached the lever cross the stream  ARDONES  and go left,  following the course of the stream and PR marks, until coming across a track, cross it and continue by  wooden stakes slightly rising slope always by the river, in the background you can see the impressive waterfall that descends from the Sierra de ARDONES.

In times of low water one can easily cross by jumping stones and continue the path, now changing orographic margin (1h 30 ‘).

The route continues through the ravines of the Mascarada and the Pala Lorruegos. You’ll continue to ascent by passing terraces of pasture. Continue to look for the rocks marked as PR. You’ll discover stunning views of the Tucas of ixea and of the Bagueñolas just in front. Next you’ll disover a trail that leads directly to the public poole of the village of Cerler.

Alternative: If you want, the PR continues.  Continue straight following the PR marks, there is a stone wall on our right. If we continue this PR we end up in the old town of Cerler.


Images and Texts:  The Tourist Association of the Benasque valley.